Cancer Man And Scorpio Woman

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

Cancer man and Scorpio woman both can have many common traits as they both are water signs. They both are serious about their relationship. They both are passionate lovers and can dedicate their life to their lovers. They both are protective lovers. Their common traits make it easier to bond them quickly.


Cancer man: Cancer man is intelligent person with careful nature for every activity. He has tendency to laugh in difficult times and avoid talking on such topics. He has funny nature. He is determined and cautious person. Cancer man is sensitive person and his feelings can be hurt easily thus he generally hides his feelings. He is well organized person but can be lazy sometimes. As a lover he is wonderful person with easily expressing his feelings to his lover. He will always be ready to sacrifice for his loved ones.  

Cancer Man and Scorpio WomanScorpio woman: Scorpio woman is mysterious person thus always gets the attention from others. She likes to keep her personal life to herself and won’t reveal it to others. She is also social and talkative person. She is determined and hard working person. She has lot of patience and calmness in her personality but any challenges to her freedom can make her furious person. Scorpio woman is passionate lover. She takes her relationship seriously and become dedicated person.

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman has a charm and attractive body to attract a Cancer man. She shows so much love to him that he forgets his insecurity and become open to accept any challenges. He finds out that he is not the only person to have so much possessiveness about love as Scorpio woman is much protective about her love than him. She will stand still behind her Cancer love in his every activity. She is reliable person but can also turn selfish sometimes due to her ambitious personality. She also has good humor but if anyone aims joke at her, it can hurt her egoistic nature.

Cancer Man and Scorpio Woman Cancer man is very romantic person. He is caring and protective towards Scorpio woman. He always makes his present felt. He dedicates himself to Scorpio woman and supports her through every difficulty. He never keeps the grudges like she does; he is forgiving person even if he knows her mistake. Only thing which can make him worry is her tendency to hide things from him. He can also be problematic with his mood swings. When one water sign meets other water sign they easily dissolve into one successful romantic pair. They both are dedicated people thus they will never be suspicious with each other. They have common requirements in love but Scorpio woman can show slightly intense emotions in love.

They make very happy and satisfying relationship with good humor and care of Cancer man and Passionate love of Scorpio woman. Cancer man and Scorpio woman can have easy going life except when it comes to take orders from each other. They both are dominating people and their need to be in charge can create problems in this relationship. They both have some hidden secrets but when they come to know about secrets kept by their partner they feel uneasy. Scorpio woman has adventures nature and she likes taking risks this nature is not liked by Cancer man he thinks of her as foolish person. Similarly cautious nature of Cancer man is disliked by her. Jealousy comes naturally to Scorpio woman while mood swings are common in Cancer man. Cancer man and Scorpio woman both can solve these problems in their togetherness with some respect to each other.

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